Portfolio Fund I

Monterrey – Nuevo Laredo Highway: La Gloria - San Fernando Section

Equity investment for the construction and operation of the La Gloria - San Fernando (A4S - 49 km) section of the Mty - Nvo. Laredo highway, as well as reconditioning, preserving, and maintaining the free access federal highway (A2).

Partner: PINFRA – Una de las principales compa￱ías de operació￳n de concesiones en México, PINFRA cotiza en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (MCAP ~3 Bn USD) y cuenta con 24 concesiones de autopistas, puentes, terminales portuarias y 1 contrato de operaci￳ón de telepeaje.

Fecha de cierre de la inversi￳Ón: July 31, 2019

Entrada en OperaciÓ￳n: July 2, 2020

Benefits: Improves connectivity and safety in the USMCA corridor.

Tuxtla - San Cristobal and Arriaga - Ocozocoautla Highways

Acquisition and capital increase for the construction of a third lane on the Tuxtla Gutierrez - San Cristobal de las Casas Highway (46km) and expansion of the Arriaga - Ocozocoautla Highway (93km).

Partner: ALDESA – Subsidiaria de China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), empresa der en los sectores de ingeniería, diseñ￱o y construcció￳n de ferrocarriles, autopistas, puentes, túneles y sistemas de transporte urbano masivo con ventas por ~$110 Bn USD.

Investment Closing Date: August 13, 2020 

Expansion Start Date: January 2024 

Benefits: Reduced travel time and increased user safety (less accidents).

Neology Latam

Acquisition of a minority stake in Neology Latam, a subsidiary of Neology Inc., which is dedicated to the global creation and commercialization of mobility technology.

Partners: Neology Inc - World leader in mobility, electronic tolling, compliance, security, and payment solutions technologies. Neology Inc has 50+ million tags in circulation, over 15 thousand toll booths operating worldwide, and over 50 thousand ALPR systems installed.

Investment Closing Date: December 22, 2021 

Benefits: Provide greater electronic toll technology and legal compliance on highways and urban roads in Mexico and Latin America to increase efficiency, and thereby help operators achieve improved returns, while reducing traffic congestion and having a positive impact on citizens and the environment.

Hokchi Field

Minority acquisition in the production sharing contract for the Hockchi field, intended for oil and gas production in shallow waters, located off the coast of Tabasco, awarded by the CNH in Round 1.2 in January 2016.

Hokchi Energy is a subsidiary of PanAmerican Energy, a leading Argentine company in the production of hydrocarbons with investments totaling $19 billion dollars. Hokchi Energy signed the hydrocarbon extraction contract with the CNH under the production sharing scheme for Contract Area 2, which was awarded during the second international public bidding of Round One. The contract is for the evaluation and development of the area Hokchi marina, located in the Salina del Istmo Basin, in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of the State of Tabasco.

Asset Purchase Agreement Signed: May 13, 2022

Operations Start Date: May 24, 2020 

Benefits: Beneficios: Hokchi is an attractive shallow water hydrocarbon production field in an advanced ramp-up production process which will reach 33,000 boed.

Jaguar Solar Portfolio

Acquisition of a minority stake in a 3 asset solar portfolio, with a total of 216 MW peak, located in the State of Chihuahua under the LIE regime with a long-term private contract (PPA).

Socios: Uno de los productores de energía más grandes internacionalmente con una capacidad instalada de más de 200 GW y AUM ~US$196BN.

La plataforma de SPIC con más de 1.3 GW de capacidad instalada en México

Investment Closing Date: April 4, 2022

Operations Start Date: April 2018 (Torreoncitos and Rancho el Trece) and July 2019 (Ahumada) 

Benefits: Clean energy generation using the latest technology in an area of the country with abundant solar resources, with an active economy that creates energy needs in the long term and with sufficient transmission capacity to export energy to the RNT.

Profitability Fund I

Net Estimated IRR 4Q 2023 MXN

The Net estimated IRR of the portfolio at the third quarter of 2024 in a base scenario and Hold to Maturity is 14.9% while under a scenario with upsides, exit in 2029 and subtracting the carry to the manager, the estimated IRR for investors would be 18.4%

Net IRR1 Base scenario Hold to Maturity


Upsides + exit - carry

+350 bps

Net estimated IRR of the portfolio at the end of 2022 in a scenario with upsides, exit in 2029 and subtracting the carry.


1. Net of expenses to date (issuance and placement, trust, project due diligence, administration fee and J curve) and before carried interest.