About Us

Our Firm

We are a private equity fund manager focused on the energy and infrastructure sectors in Latin America and are leaders in ESG integration.

We have an experienced senior team and strong corporate governance with in-depth knowledge of private equity transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

AINDA has made successful investments, that are aligned with investor’s interests via ILPA standards, in the transportation, mobility, renewable energy, and oil & gas production and extraction sectors.

Currently, we are in the process of raising the second fund, which will seek to place investments in Mexico, in LatAm (i.e. Brazil), and in the southern U.S. (related to MX).

At AINDA, we are responsible investment pioneers in Mexico, backed by ratings from:

5/5 stars in UNPRI, 30/30 in GRESB, and recognized as Grand Prix ALAS20 Investor for the years 2021 and 2022.

These ratings confirm our commitment to the industry’s highest ESG standards.

Our Team


Our management team professionals have over 20 years of extensive experience in a diverse range of roles in investment and project management, as well as in private equity fund management.

As a diverse team, we develop creative strategies that result from our different experiences, perspectives, and cultures while working towards the same goal.



AINDA's team has a long track record of working together on energy and infrastructure projects in the following sectors:

Transport and mobility, renewable and thermal energy, oil & gas production and extraction, hydrocarbon logistics and storage, and integrated water systems.


Our experience in the electricity sector includes project design, structuring and financing, mergers and acquisitions, among others.

Oil & Gas

We have participated in projects throughout the sector’s value chain: downstream, midstream, and upstream.


We have worked on the most important projects and operations in the water management sector.



Our organizational structure is designed to support our goals and objectives through the administration, control, and support of the performance and proper functioning of the investments that we manage.

Corporate Structure


Administrative Structure


Accounting and reporting, cash management, buy/sell execution


Monitoring of trust operations


Accounting audit


Independent valuation of assets


Creation, co-investment, and operation of projects


Treasury, accounting, capital calls



Las alianzas estratégicas de AINDA nos permiten consolidar y potenciar el crecimiento mediante el intercambio continuo de conocimientos y experiencia.

These alliances also allow us to reach new markets, minimize risk, innovate, and add additional value to our services.

The capital increase of AINDA, carried out by Ennea, allows us to strengthen our financial capacity, strategic planning and corporate governance.

Ennea is the Family Office that represents the shareholders of Proeza, an international conglomerate with presence in several sectors in 9 countries and 3 continents, which manages a portfolio of companies recognized for their reliability, innovation and contribution to the development of its employees towards a better society. better. The group has extensive experience in structuring and financing projects. Its business units include: Metalsa, Citrofrut, Areya, Premier Healthcare Professionals and Astrum.

Ennea has the right to participate in the appointment and dismissal of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO.


AINDA and Goldman Sachs & Co.’s Merchant Banking Division signed a strategic alliance to identify opportunities and co-invest in energy and infrastructure projects. GSMBD has experience successfully managing USD $150 billion of private equity investments.

The agreement does not oblige GSMBD nor AINDA to partner with each other on a particular investment opportunity nor is there a guarantee that AINDA and GSMBD will undertake an investment together. 


  • Confirms our intention to make joint potential investments in Mexico by establishing a mutual right of first refusal.

  • Seeks to capitalize on each party’s joint experience and knowledge through discussion of industry trends to identify, pursue, evaluate, and make joint investments.

  • Allows the parties to charge for identifying projects which have made significant progress.

  • Respects both parties’ fiduciary responsibilities.

Oscar de Buen Richkarday

Executive Co-President

Oscar is a founding partner and Key Officer at AINDA. He is a Civil Engineer from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and holds a Master of Science in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He held various positions in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SCT, by its Spanish acronym), and eventually became the Undersecretary of Infrastructure. At the SCT, he directed and participated in multiple studies that guided national transportation policy. He contributed to the formation of the Mexican Institute of Transportation and the creation of the institutional capacity to monitor federally concessioned highways. Oscar led the SCT team that designed and implemented the repurchase of 23 toll road concessions and their subsequent public-sector operation. He coordinated the design of toll road concession schemes, service provision projects, and the use of assets to incorporate private participation in Mexico's highway development. Under his leadership, 13 concession projects and 7 service provision projects were completed or are in different stages of execution. Throughout his career, he represented the SCT in international road forums, such as the OECD, World Road Association, and Mexico-United States binational forums.

Oscar has been a technical advisor to the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), the Tamaulipas and Guanajuato state governments, Fitch Ratings, and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation. Additionally, he has served as a professor at several Engineering Schools and is an academic member of the Academia Mexicana de Ingeniería. He was also a chair of the World Road Association from 2013-2016. Oscar was also a member of the Board of Governors at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México from 2013-2022 and served on the Ethics Council at the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de México from 2014 to 2021.

Oscar was distinguished as a Level 1 National Researcher from the National System of Researchers from 1991-94. Additionally, Oscar was a member of the Advisory Committee of the Pan-American Highway Institute, founder and co-chairman of the Mexico - United States Joint Working Committee on Border Transportation, representative of Mexico to the Road Transport Research Program of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Honorary Member of the Mexican Association of Road Engineering, A.C., International Medal of Merit from the Spanish Road Association, and President of the Council of Road Directors of Iberia and Iberoamérica.

Juan Carlos Echeverry Garzón

Executive Co-President
(Will join with Fund II)

Juan Carlos is the Executive Co-President of AINDA Energy & Infrastructure. He is a founding partner of EConcept AEI and independent board member of CREDICORP and Seguros SURA. Juan is also known for being one of the most distinguished economists and designers of public policy in Colombia and Latin America. Between 2010 and 2012, he was Colombia’s Minister of Finance and Public Credit, and in 2011 was named the Best Finance Minister of the Americas by four international publications. He served as Director of the National Planning Department and Dean of the Economics School at the Universidad de los Andes. He was President of the Colombian oil company Ecopetrol, and during his mandate the company increased the market capitalization by over 2.5x. Juan held key positions in both the Banco de la Republica and the National Government, where he crafted policy and legislative initiatives that led Colombia's recent investment history. He designed tax reforms, the Fiscal Law, and three constitutional reforms related to money transfers, fiscal sustainability, and the General System of Royalties. His education includes a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University and a Degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes.

Ángela María Orozco

Chief Officer Colombia

Ángela María Orozco is the director of the Colombia office of Ainda, Energía & Infraestructura. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a master's degree in international law and legal studies, as well as a postgraduate degree in economic law. She is a senior advisor at KREAB Colombia, a member of the board of directors of Collective Mining, and a member of the board of Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A.
Between 1998 and 2000, she served as Minister and Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Colombia under President Andres Pastrana. During the last two years of this period, she was the president of Proexport. In this role, she was responsible for implementing the performance evaluation system for the organization, particularly for Colombia's commercial officers overseas. In 2013, she became a partner at Vali Consultores S.A.S, focusing on government issues and political context analysis until 2018.
As the Minister of Transport in Colombia under the presidency of Iván Duque Márquez between 2018 and 2022, she managed to realize a total of 50 Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, 29 of which were new. Similarly, between 2018 and 2022, she was able to quadruple the number of electric vehicles registered with RUNT between 2010 and 2018.

Manuel Rodríguez Arregui


Manuel Rodríguez Arregui is a partner and General Director of Ainda, Energía & Infraestructura, a leading company in Latin America specializing in the management of private equity funds that invest in infrastructure and energy projects with partners of recognized prestige.

In Fund I ($319 million dollars), that was listed as CKD on the Mexican Stock Exchange, AINDA carried out investments in three strategic toll roads, one oil and gas exploration and production project, three renewable energy projects, as well as two investments that will revolutionize the operation of highways through efficient electronic toll collection, simultaneously allowing better urban mobility and compliance with the legal framework associated with vehicles in Latin America. Currently, AINDA is raising its Fund II with a robust pipeline in transportation projects, renewable energy, water systems, as well as midstream and upstream projects that are necessary in the energy transition.

AINDA has been highlighted as a leader in responsible investment by winning the ALAS20 award as the investor that best adheres to ESG factors in Hispanic America. The recognition of ALAS20 has been consistent with the evaluations received from Principles for Responsible Investment (5/5 stars in the Infrastructure module and 4/5 in the Investment & Stewardship module) and GRESB (97/100, which implies first place in America between the diversified funds of Infrastructure and Energy).

Prior to the founding of AINDA, Manuel was General Director of GBM Infrastructure, a private equity fund ($270 million dollars), where he led the purchase of the Cancun water system and turned it into a national example due to its levels of service and environmental responsibility. Additionally, alongside Goldman Sachs, OPIC and Nadbank, he led the construction of Tres Mesas I and II, two of the largest wind farms in Mexico.

In the public sector, Manuel collaborated in the Federal Government highlighting his appointments as Undersecretary of Transportation and Senior Official of the Ministry of the Interior. Among the most important projects that he directed in the public sector were, Terminal 2 of the Mexico City airport, the Suburban Train, the project to safeguard the General Archive of the Nation, the restructuring and implementation of the Cédula de Identidad project, the creation of the Ministry of the Environment and the transformation of agricultural subsidies to make them consistent with NAFTA.

In the private initiative, he served as Managing Director at Oliver Wyman (Mercer Management Consulting) where he advised the Mexican government on the commercialization of liquefied natural gas in the Pacific region, on the drilling strategy and optimization of the Pemex fleet, the privatization of airports, the modernization and distribution of systems focused on providing support to the population that is in a situation of poverty and the creation of regional water systems.

Manuel graduated from MIT's Department of Economics in 1989, where he was twice awarded the William L. Stewart Jr. Award and earned an MPA from Harvard University in 1993. He has taught Economics and Finance at ITAM and at Universidad Iberoamericana. Manuel is currently vice president of the Board of Trustees of the Natural History Museum and chairs the Capital Mobility Committee of the Mexican Council for Sustainable Finance.

Gabriel Cerdio Gudiño

Chief Investment Officer

Gabriel is a founding partner of AINDA and was appointed as a Key Officer and serves as Chief Investment Officer. Additionally, he is a member of the Investment and Audit Committees and a Board member at Jaguar Solar Holdings. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from ITAM, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and several diplomas in energy and finance.

Throughout his career, he has participated in different roles within the public and private sectors. Prior to founding AINDA, he held several executive positions for a decade at General Electric, where he served as Executive Director of GE Oil & Gas and was responsible for leading the commercial strategy of 5 business units and their relationship with Pemex. At GE he helped design integrated solutions for several assets and plants, including: Ayatsil-Tekel, Lakach, Ku-Maloob-Zaap, Abkatún, Tula, Madero, Cadereyta, and Nuevo Pemex. He also developed the growth strategy with the first private clients following the Energy Reform. Gabriel was also Corporate Director of Business Development, where he worked with more than a dozen business units to design long-term growth strategies and commercial coordination of integrated solutions for GE's largest customers. Finally, in his position in Monterrey he was Director of Investments for GE Capital Real Estate, where he led acquisition and developed partnerships with industrial parks throughout the country. Notably, this included the development of Mexico's main aeronautical park in Queretaro, which consistently achieved double-digit dollar returns for the business.

Prior to joining General Electric, he was a Principal at Oliver Wyman (formerly Mercer Management Consulting), an international strategy consulting firm, where he participated in optimizing operational and strategy design projects for public and private companies in the oil, gas, aviation, and logistics sectors, based in Mexico and abroad. He was also an investment banking associate for Chase Manhattan Bank, where he participated in the placement of debt for one of Mexico’s largest conglomerates. He began his professional career at the CNBV, where he was an analyst for both supervising banking and the stock market and he advised to the President’s office during the restructuring of the banking sector after the 1994 financial crisis.

He was a member of the Advisory Board and the Corporate Executive Committee of General Electric Mexico, as well as being on the Executive Committee of GE O&G for Latin America. He is currently a mentor for business accelerator programs, including the Sustainable Minds Network and New Ventures, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the Mexico Energy Council.

José Pablo Rinkenbach Lizárraga

Executive Director of Asset Management and ESG
(Incorporation from Fund II)

José is a partner at AINDA and a member of the Investment Committee and the Nominations and Compensations Committee. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Administration and a Diploma in International Strategic Scenarios from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). He also has an MBA from the University of Rochester and a Master's Degree in Energy Business from the University of Tulsa. José has also taken several international courses on oil business models from the CWC School of Energy.

José worked at Mercer Management Consulting’s energy and operations practice. He became a principal at Mercer and led and participated in several oil, electricity, water, airport, and port projects, where he conducted strategic, financial, economic, operational, and organizational analysis. In 2006, he founded AINDA Consultores, S.A. de C.V., a company specialized in energy business consulting with an E&P focus.

During his career, José has been an advisor to Pemex Exploration and Production, the Ministry of Energy, the CFE, the National Hydrocarbons Commission, and private national and international oil companies. He was one of the experts in charge of managing the analysis of Mexico's energy reform. Under his leadership, the first business model was designed to produce liquefied natural gas in deep waters in Mexico. He led the design of the new E&P contracting strategy for drilling and completion of wells for the Tsimin-Xux and Ayatsil-Tekel projects, as well as identifying and supporting the implementation of PEMEX structural transformation projects. He also developed the business cases for the Shale and Chicontepec Integrated Field Laboratories and participated in the definition of the core aspects for the promotion and development of domestic content in the service industry of the hydrocarbon sector. José contributed to the definition of the new incentivized services contractual models for Pemex Exploration and Production. He also oversaw the development of four regulations for the operation of wells in Mexico. In addition, José has advised several companies in the bidding or purchase of oil and gas fields in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

In the electricity sector, José advised one of the main electricity companies in Latin America on the reference terms for bidding on a supply and regasification of liquefied natural gas contract.

José prepared a financial, operational, and administrative analysis report that resulted in defining strategic actions to turn around the performance of one of the largest water, sewage, and drainage operators in Mexico. He also conducted an analysis for the merger of eight municipal water utilities.

Regarding air transport infrastructure, José analyzed air traffic and operations in Mexico City to identify potential saturation points and analyzed the potential impact of the construction of Mexico City’s new airport.

He was a founding member of the non-profit organization Mexico-Actúa, which was the first action tank in the country focused on analyzing the link between water, energy, and food to improve Mexicans’ standard of living. He was a professor of Corporate Finance at ITAM, as well as the founder and co-coordinator of ITAM's executive energy investment program, and author of specialized articles on energy that have been published in several specialized magazines.

Luis Arias Osoyo

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer at AINDA Energy & Infrastructure. He has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from ITAM, a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master's degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master's degree in Finance from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).

He was Investment Director and Financial Director at Énestas, where he oversaw strategic areas and reorganized the company to strengthen the processes and corporate governance structure. Additionally, at the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), he served as Technical Vice President and General Director of Analysis and Information, where he was responsible for risk supervision.

At the Federal Electricity Commission he was Director of Modernization, where among other things he led the design and bidding of the North-Northwest pipelines. As General Director of Generation and Transmission of the Ministry of Energy, he was responsible for the authorization of POISE (now PRODESEN) and the authorization of the power plants to be built by CFE.

Douglas Palm Malpica

Engineering Director

Douglas is a Petroleum Engineer with 45 years of experience in the oil industry. He is a graduate of the Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, and also has diplomas in financial planning and human resources. During his career at Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Douglas was the Deputy Director of the Eastern Region of the country, which contributed 60% of PDVSA's daily production in 2002.

At PDVSA he worked in drilling and well maintenance, production operations, and petroleum engineering. Throughout his career, he has led reengineering and transformation efforts in several organizations and has been part of negotiations that achieve beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. He was a permanent member of the technical committee supporting the Human Resources Department in collective bargaining discussions, which took place every two years.

Douglas led innovative projects for PDVSA, including the modernization of maintenance units for wells located in Lake Maracaibo, the implementation of Gas Lift for mature reservoirs. He began his professional career at Creole Petroleum Co. and Lagoven S.A. Following that, Douglas moved to a subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., within Drilling and Production Engineering, continuing with supervisory and managerial positions in Maintenance, Offshore Exploration, Pipelines, Storage Yards for crude oil, gas and NGLs, Crude and product shipping terminals, Land and Maritime Transportation, Gas Compression Plants, and Distribution Systems. Douglas reached the following executive positions within PDVSA: Human Resources Manager of the Western Division in 1993; National Manager of PDV Marina, a company in charge of the national and international fleet of 12 tankers, which belonged to PDVSA in 1994; Manager of the Drilling and Subsurface Operations organization in 1997; Manager of the Lagunillas District, the most important operational asset of PDVSA’s Western area in the year 2000, and Deputy General Manager, from 2001, of the operations center in the Eastern Division, responsible for the production of 1.3 MMB/D of light, medium, and heavy oil.

From 2004 to 2018, he worked with CBM Ingeniería de Exploración y Producción S.A de C. V. of Mexico, as a Consultant / Technical Advisor on projects related to Exploration and Production of oil and gas areas. He has also supported and led projects related to the implementation of the VCDSE wells methodology, both as a supervisor and mentor of multidisciplinary teams and in the development of the Guiding Documents as a guide for the application of well interventions. Similarly, in the processes of Drilling and Completion of wells, he led benchmarking and new business model projects. From 2010 to present, he is a coordinator of key projects in the Northern Region, including the implementation of Field Laboratories (LIC), Comprehensive Subsurface Analysis, a Surface Production System and Comprehensive Contracts Project. Similarly, he was Project Coordinator in the Southwest Marine Region, working on projects such as the implementation of the VCDSE Methodology, Contracting Strategies, Performance Evaluation, selection and contracting of service companies, among others. Mr. Palm continues his training and mentoring by facilitating projects related to the new regulations of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH, by its Spanish acronym) for activities related to hydrocarbon exploration and extraction wells.

Diana González Flores

Legal and Compliance Director

Diana has a Law Degree from the University of Monterrey and an MBA from IE Business School.

She has over 17 years of experience as a lawyer at prestigious law firms. Diana first worked at White & Case for 12 years and later at Galicia Abogados for 5 years.

Diana’s professional practice has focused mainly on infrastructure project finance, public-private partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring and refinancing public debt for States and Municipalities.

She frequently represented national and international public and private sector clients, including project sponsors and developers as well as state and municipal governments and commercial and development banks.

Among some of the transactions she has participated in include : (i) International Finance Corporation and Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, S.N.C, I.B.D. in the financing of approximately USD $111 million, for the development and construction of a photovoltaic plant in the State of Jalisco with a generation capacity of 270 MW; (ii) Red Estatal de Autopistas de Nuevo León in the refinancing of part of its public debt for $9 billion pesos; (iii) Caisse de dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ), in the acquisition of a 49% interest in Organización de Proyectos de Infraestructura, S.A.P.I. de C.V., the holding company of Concesionaria Mexiquense, S.A. de C.V., which holds the concession to operate the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense; (iv) Estado de Nuevo León in the refinancing of its public debt for approximately USD $2.8 billion; (v) ContourGlobal as the buyer in the acquisition of the Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. portfolio, consisting of two electricity cogeneration plants for an approximately USD $801 million; (vi) Nacional Financiera, S.N.C. in the financing of approximately USD $247 million for the development of its public debt. The development and construction of an electricity generation plant in Nuevo Leon, for USD $247 million, with a generation capacity of 689 MW; and (vii) Estado de Sonora in the negotiation and implementation of one of the largest asset financing structures called "Proyecto Sonora Proyecta" (non-recourse, for over USD $700 million) for the construction of over 100 infrastructure projects.

Karla Guevara Rico

Director of Administration and Accounting

Karla is a Public Accountant, holds a Master’s in Finance from ITAM, and has over 18 years of professional experience.

She is currently the Director of Administration and Accounting at AINDA.

During her career she served as Director of Administration at Altor Capital I, in addition to serving as Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations at Discovery Americas. At Nacional Financiera, she held positions as an Interest Rate Futures trader (TIIE and CETES) in MexDer, and Peso Futures Trader in CME and Forwards. She served as an Assistant Manager for International Markets, as well as Assistant Manager of Market Development where she participated in the implementation of the 31 requirements for Banco de México for different underlying assets, as well as in the issuance of floating, fixed, and real rate bonds for Nacional Financiera, S.N.C.

Juan Pablo Mata Alanis

General Accountant

Public Accountant, graduate of IPN, currently working at AINDA as General Accountant.

With a trajectory of more than 15 years of experience, where his participation as Tax experienced associate in one of the main big four (PwC) stands out, as well as his position in Equifax as accounting and fiscal manager in Mexico, another important performance was being part of a Family Office (BN) where it was possible to hold different positions in the area of diversification and new business where besides accounting services I was able to develop project leader of real estate skills, carrying out financial models for the viability of new projects, in addition i participated in the creation of a second Level Donor.

Alejandra García Huitrón

Vice President of Asset Management

Alejandra graduated with honors from the Universidad de las Américas-Puebla. She has 13 years of experience and is an expert in statistics and probability.

She began her career at AINDA Consultores as a Senior Consultant specializing in financial evaluations of oil & gas projects, statistical analysis and implementation of business indicators and metrics.

Earlier in her career, Alejandra managed the Department of Statistics at the Ministry of Finance of the State of Puebla where she coordinated the development of several statistical products, the creation and interpretation of reports, indexes, analysis, and presentations needed to support decision making for the State Executive Advisors’ Committee. Additionally, Ms. García is an internal auditor in the State Executive Reporting Process (certified under ISO 9001:2000).

Patricia Fid Martín

Vice President of Investments

Patricia joined AINDA Energía & Infraestructura in 2024 as Vice President of Investments, focusing primarily on Fund II and subsequent investments. She has a degree in Business Administration and Management with a specialization in Finance from the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) and has a Program in Management Development from the same university.

He began his career in investment banking at BBVA in the M&A team in Madrid, where he contributed to various M&A and LBO transactions, as well as complex valuations, in the renewable energy, oil & gas and transportation sectors. Later, Patricia joined the Structured Finance team as an Associate at Solarpack, a multinational renewable energy company specialized in vertically integrated photovoltaics, owned by the Swedish fund EQT, and which has 14 GW of projects spread across 14 countries. At Solarpack, in addition to carrying out valuations for the evaluation of project acquisitions in various geographies, she structured two strategic brownfield refinancings for the company, with values ​​between USD 60 and 116 million each. These refinancings achieved a million-dollar recap dividend for shareholders, strengthening the company's financial position and boosting investment in new pipeline projects. Likewise, she collaborated in the structuring of four greenfield financings, with values ​​between USD 52 to 105 million each, in various geographies, including Spain, Malaysia, Chile and Peru, among others.

Prior to joining AINDA, Patricia held the position of Manager of Structured Finance & M&A at Esentia Energy Systems, formerly Fermaca, a company that owns and operates the largest interconnected private natural gas system in Mexico with 2,017 km connecting Waha (Texas, USA ) to Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico). At Esentia, she led and structured a $1.34 billion refinancing for natural gas projects in Mexico and the US, designing optimized tax structures and negotiating favorable terms with lenders. This experience consolidated Patricia as an expert in advanced financial modeling, specializing in the modeling of infrastructure and energy projects for both acquisition valuation and financing and refinancing. Her focus on optimizing tax and cash flow repatriation structures has been key to maximizing returns for shareholders.

Sergio Luja Acosta

Investment Associate

Sergio joined AINDA in 2023 as an Investment Associate, focusing on Energy and Oil & Gas investment opportunities. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from ITAM and is currently enrolled in the CFA Program.

Prior to joining AINDA, he was an Investment Associate at ENGIE, one of the largest multinational utility companies, where he participated in mergers, acquisitions and project finance transactions covering Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, as a part of the Financial Advisory team. He specialized in Renewable Energy and Natural Gas assets. Project Finance, covering Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, as a part of the team of Financial Advisory of the company. He specialized in renewable energy assets and gas transportation infrastructure.

Earlier in his career, he worked for Vector Casa de Bolsa as an Investment Banking Analyst, covering the Energy sector, and for the Mexican Institute of Petroleum (IMP) as a Research Assistant, where he focused on Oil & Gas downstream business.

He is the President and Founder of the ITAM Trading Club.

Diana Cardona Restrepo

Investment Associate

Economist, master's degree in environmental economics and natural resources from the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). He has twelve years of experience in structuring and managing infrastructure projects through Public-Private Partnership –APP, for the transportation sector.
He worked at the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) as a project manager and Vice President of Structuring, in this last position he was in charge of the structuring and awarding of the Fifth Generation of Concessions in Colombia (5G) projects composed of roads, airports, railways and ports. She later worked as Financial Director in a road concession in Colombia.
He has extensive knowledge in planning, structuring and monitoring PPP projects, preparation and review of financial models, knowledge of risk assessment methodologies and their application, as well as environmental and social standards in infrastructure projects.

Pilar Iturriaga Lemus

Associate of promoted entity

Economist graduated with honors from Villanova University. Prior to joining AINDA, Pilar worked at Wintershall Dea as Origination Manager based in Germany, where she focused on the development and implementation of natural gas sales in Europe which entailed the development of various non-standard products, the negotiation of long-term supply contracts and the management of a portfolio with more than 50 clients.

Throughout her professional career, Pilar was also part of the commercial team at Wintershall DeaMexico, carrying out oil and gas marketing activities and, previously, she held various roles within Sierra Oil & Gas with a focus on executing infrastructure and exploration projects in the Mexican hydrocarbons sector.

Diego Noriega Ortiz

Senior Legal Associate

Diego graduated as a lawyer from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in 2014 and was admitted to practice professionally, receiving his degree with honors in his professional exam with the thesis titled “The securitization of public assets and its implications in the public debt regime of States and Municipalities” (2016) and also obtained a master's degree (LLM) in Law and Business from Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany with the master's thesis titled “Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk in the Financial Markets” (2019).

He has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer in prestigious firms, both in Mexico and abroad. In Mexico he worked at Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez and in Germany he was at Mayer Brown and White & Case in both cases in his offices in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Diego has primarily advised companies, financial institutions and investors in relation to a wide range of financial and corporate transactions, including acquisition financing, project financing, structured financing and real estate financing, as well as financial restructuring.

Diego also has extensive experience in capital markets and financial law, structured instruments and transactions. crossborder. He has participated in issues in the securities market, including issues of equity instruments and debt instruments, representing both the issuers, placement agents and the rest of the participants. Additionally, he has advised companies to raise private funds in Mexico.

Imelsy Miranda Infante

Legal Associate

Imelsy is a lawyer and graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) in 2020.

She began her career in 2017 working in corporate and financial law at Creel Abogados, S.C. Imelsy’s experience is mainly in commercial and financial law, foreign investment, corporate governance, and personal data protection. Her practice includes corporate transactions and advising both Mexican and foreign clients regarding applicable corporate and commercial regulations. Additionally, she has participated in several financing transactions.

Alejandra Cárdenas Salazar

Legal Associate

Alejandra has a law degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, graduating in 2021.

Alejandra began her professional career in 2019 at the firm Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C. as an intern in corporate law, focused on the constitution and preparation of corporate documents, agreements and contracts, as well as advice on foreign investment matters. In 2020, he joined the transactional team of Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa, S.C., where he continued working on legal and transactional advice to national and international companies in various projects including investments, corporate and asset restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, liquidations and dissolutions of companies. She is co-author of the article Artificial intelligence in the legal world: gender challenges, published in Abogadas MX.

Marijose Vázquez Muñoz

Investment Analyst

Graduated from the Bachelor's degree in Economics at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). She was a beneficiary of the MIPI Academic Scholarship, which aims to achieve gender equality in leadership positions at ITAM. Previously, she worked as an intern at AINDA, where her responsibilities included active participation and support in preparing materials for Fund II raising, market research investigations, assisting in the management of assets for Fund I, and participating in analysis of Pipeline opportunities for Fund II.

Imanol Fernández Salvador

Investment analyst

Graduated from the Bachelor of Financial Management at ITAM. He has held an intern position at Novartis Farmacéutica, developing monitoring of the financial impacts of the supply chain on profits, as well as the creation of quantitative metrics for sales analysis.

He held an internship position at AINDA.

He was the winner of the CFA Mx Ethics Challenge 2022 with the ITAM team. He currently holds the position of Investment Analyst at AINDA.

Víctor Gómez Gerala

Legal Intern

Fifth year law student at Universidad Lasalle (ULSA)

He began his professional career in 2019 working in the areas of civil, commercial, administrative, and human rights litigation at Bufete Odriozola S. C., subsequently worked at Ríos Espinosa Abogados S. C. performing in the areas of Corporate Law, Financial Law, AML/CTF and corporate update of Entities.

He currently holds the position of legal intern at AINDA.

Mauricio Verduzco Chavira


Student of Mechatronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering at ITAM. He has held the position of Intern at Prima Manufacturing developing data engineering, as well as analysis for operational and financial purposes. He also has experience in Lean Six Sigma methodologies to implement statistical analysis in waste elimination.
He has received, year after year, awards for academic excellence from ITAM. As well as the “Dean List” recognition from IIT. He was a member of the Minor Faculty of the Academic Engineering Division of ITAM for more than two years teaching and researching topics in programming, optimization, electronics, automation and robotics.
He currently holds the position of Investment Intern at AINDA.

Brenda Reyna Franco

Executive Assistant

Brenda graduated from the School of Communication and Journalism at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

She has served as a Coordinator for Distance Tele-courses in the School Control Department of the Educational Television Training Center (CETE by its Spanish acronym).

Brenda worked in the public sector at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation as Private Secretary to the Coordinator of Advisors to the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, and also served as Private Secretary to the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the private sector, she served as Executive Assistant to the General Director of GBM Infraestructura, and as a personal secretary to the General Director of GE.

José Velázquez Medina

Administrative Support

José Velázquez graduated from the technical field of Automotive Mechanics, from the Centro de Estudios Diesel y Vehículos Automotriz.

In his over 25 years of experience, he has worked as an Industrial Mechanic at Corporativo 3M de México, Inplax SA de CV, as well as at Moresa Industrial.

In the public sector he worked for the Presidency of the Republic, as Events Assistant of the Science Advisory Council.

In the private sector, he was an Administrative Assistant at Fundación Televisa, directly supporting the logistics of their events, such as Bécalos, and Congreso de Maestros y las Olimpiadas del Conocimiento. Within the Foundation, he was responsible for the delivery and distribution of donations to third parties.

Erika González Regato

Executive Assistant

Erika is a bilingual Executive Assistant who graduated from Maddox Academy. She has 25 years of experience in companies such as Initiative Media, Momentive, and General Electric. At GE she worked in the Power Systems division as an International Parts Specialist, where she was responsible for the quotation process and follow-up on customer orders in Mexico (CFE, PEMEX, INFRA and Mexicana del Cobre, among others) and Central America, in addition to supporting all bidding processes.

Claudia Ponce Cangas

Executive Assistant

Claudia graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from the Escuela Normal de Especialización, and as a Bilingual Assistant from Helen's School. She has 5 years of experience as an Executive Assistant at Young & Rubicam. Subsequently, she worked at Revista México in the advertising sales department. In the past year, she worked as a Wealth and Financial Advisor at Grupo Nacional Provincial. Throughout her career she has also provided therapy to special-needs children.

Transport and Mobility

  • Comprehensive development of more than 20 highway projects under Public Private Partnerships, including the Mexico City Northern Beltway and the Morelia-Salamanca, Monterrey-Saltillo, Amozoc-Perote and Arriaga-Ocozocoautla highways.

  • Structured the consortium that won the bid for a 67-kilometer federal highway.

  • Management of the construction of Mexico City’s International Airport Terminal 2 and Mexico City’s subway.

  • Management and supervision of the FONADIN highway network concession (+3,200 km of highways).

  • Supporting Aeropuertos del Sureste’s privatization process.

  • Supporting an international airline with a strategic business plan and organizational structure modification.

  • Development and expansion of the Port of Manzanillo.

  • Development of the strategy to transform the Toluca airport into an international commercial airport.


  • Acquisition and financial closing of a wind farm in Northern Mexico with a first stage installed capacity of 150 MW.


  • Financial evaluation and structuring of a capital raising model for a 29 MW hydroelectric project.


  • Supporting the financial structuring for the Etileno XXI project, through an Export Credit Agency based on the supply of the 150MW power island for electric cogeneration.


  • Procurement of heavy-duty frame 6B cogeneration technology for PEMEX's Madero TG8 and Cadereyta refineries, with an installed capacity of 35MW each.


  • Management of two renewable asset portfolios, the first of 730 MW wind and 1.1 GW solar and the second of 900 MW under development.


  • Authorization of the Electric Sector Works and Investment Program (POISE) and related investments.

Oil & Gas

  • Identifying and supporting the implementation of PEMEX structural transformation projects.


  • Development of a technical-economic simulator for the financial evaluation of the exploratory blocks and production fields to be tendered during Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 and farmouts.


  • Development of next generation contracting strategies for drilling and completion of onshore, offshore, and deep-water exploratory and development wells.


  • Diagnosis and solution framework for PEMEX marine logistics.


  • Fleet optimization, maritime oil terminals, and diagnosis of the dry dock in Ciudad Madero.


  • Business model design for drilling and maintenance of world class wells for PEMEX, and strategy for the disincorporation of the Drilling Unit.


  • Commercial and digital strategy for PEMEX Refining and design of the new service stations franchise.


  • Work plan leading to the placement of capital for PEMEX Petroquímica subsidiaries.


  • Gas pipeline bidding in North-Northwest Mexico.


  • Development of ethane reception base at port and land transportation to cracker.


  • Purchase and turnaround of the private water operator in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

  • Acquisition of two companies that hold the concessions for infrastructure and commercial management of Mexico City’s water system.

  • Administrative, operational, and technical diagnosis for the water collection, conduction, distribution, commercialization, and sanitation systems in the metropolitan area of the city of Puebla.

Rafael Gómez Eng

Miembro Independiente / Comité de Auditoría


  • Managing partner of Growth & Profit Consulting.
  • President of the Casas Javer audit committee.

Previous Positions

  • National Director of Markets at KPMG.
  • Partner at Bant.
  • Ex presidente del IMEF Grupo Monterrey.


  • Certified Public Accountant by the University of Guadalajara.
  • Graduated from the IPADE Business program (AD2).
  • Graduate of Wharton KPMG's International Business Program.

Ricardo Martínez Zambrano

BU Citrus Coordinator


– BU Citrus Coordinator 

Previous Positions

– Supply Chain Director at Citrofrut

– Director of Corporate Development at Grupo Proeza

– Consulting Associate at Booz & Company


– Ingeniero Químico del ITESM

– Master en Business Administration en Yale

Arturo José Orozco Padilla

CEO of Ennea


-CEO of Ennea


Previous charges

-Mergers and Acquisitions at FEMSA

- Partner at Alfaro, Dávila & Ríos (Lazard)



-Bachelor in Economics from Tecnológico de Monterrey

-MBA at the University of Chicago (Booth)

Gabriel Guillermo Zambrano Ibarra

Director Global de Desarrollo Empresarial


– Global Director of Business Development at Grupo Proeza

Previous Positions

– Director of strategy and business development at Metalsa

– Supply Chain Director at Metalsa

– Project development executive at Grupo Proeza


– Bachelor of Science and Engineering at Stanford

– Master in Business Administration at London Business School

Luis Fernando Martínez García


Finance Bachelor’s Degree student at ITAM, he has been a teaching assistant in the courses of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Theory of Finance.

He has worked as an intern at GEMEX and Grupo Financiero Banorte, monitoring energy and road projects. Today, he is developing as an Investment Intern at AINDA.

Jareny López López

Investment Analyst

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and obtained the Level I CFA certificate in 2021.

She has participated in different projects involving financial modeling and analysis of firms in distinct industries, and she has also been involved in projects to reach more financial inclusion and digitalization of financial services, among others.

In addition, she participated in a contest organized by the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) and ITAM, where she led the winning team to conduct Equity Research and provide an investment recommendation for a public company.

Circe Lara Tapia


Estudiante de la licenciatura de Derecho por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, candidata al CIPM por la IAPP en materia de Datos Personales.

Actualmente ocupa el puesto de becaria en el área legal de AINDA.

Diego García Ramírez


Student of the Financial Management degree at ITAM. He did an academic exchange at The London School of Economics And Political Science. He was an assistant professor of the Fundamentals of Finance course at ITAM for two years. He passed the first level of the CFA. He currently holds the position of investment intern at AINDA.

María Fernanda Casanueva de Diego

Executive Director of Operations
(Will join with Fund II)

María is a partner at AINDA and a member of the Investment and the Compensation Committees. María is an economist from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

She has held various positions in the Federal Public Administration, where she reached the level of Senior Officer in several Ministries, such as Energy; Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation; Finance and Public Credit (SHCP, by its Spanish acronym); and Foreign Affairs (SRE, by its Spanish acronym).

María is an experienced executive with strategic vision. She has led transformation projects (process redesign) using IT platforms to increase productivity and efficiency using transparency and accountability schemes. Including “La Glosa Digital” (database) at the SRE and the automation of Treasury revenue operations, improvements in the payment system and the implementation of a daily operations audit systems within government accounting, as well as geo-referenced projects including "transparencia presupuestal” (budget transparency)- which won five national and international awards, at the SHCP.

Likewise, in the SRE, she implemented budgetary discipline policies and cost controls, managing to reduce the existing deficit by 70%.

At development banks , she led a permanent program to monitor its management indicators and establish improvement strategies.

Maria has served on several Boards of Directors, including: Caminos y Puentes Federales (CAPUFE), Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX), Casa de Moneda, and BANSEFI (Banca de Desarrollo).

She also promoted improvement and training activities relating to gender and inclusion, making the SRE the highest evaluated agency in terms of certification under the “NMX en igualdad laboral y no discriminación” (Mexican norms for labor equality and anti-discrimination).

María has advocated for important cultural projects such as "MAYAS: revelation of an endless time" and "Masks: Veiled Symbolism" both were exhibited at the Palacio Nacional Gallery.

Emmanuel Cáceres de Kerchove

Director Ejecutivo de Riesgos

Es Ingeniero Civil de la Universidad de los Andes, cuenta con estudios de Participación Privada en la Provisión de infraestructura de Transporte, Valoración de empresas y Juntas Directivas de la misma universidad; de Negociación Estratégica de Harvard y de Organizaciones Disruptivas de MIT.

Es Socio Fundador de BONUS Banca de Inversión, una firma de asesorías financieras enfocada en infraestructura y energía líder en el mercado colombiano. Ha tenido a su cargo la dirección financiera de los proyectos a cargo de la empresa, en áreas como la estructuración de proyectos de vinculación privada de infraestructura, la financiación de concesiones, y valoración de activos.

Durante sus 17 años de vinculación con BONUS, ha participado en estructuraciones y financiaciones de proyectos de infraestructura por más de 20 billones de dólares en Colombia, Perú, Jamaica y El Salvador. Entre sus proyectos más relevantes se encuentra la estructuración del proyecto de APP de Autopistas para la Prosperidad, el proyecto más grande del programa de cuarta generación de concesiones viales colombiano integrado por 8 proyectos independientes, además de su participación como especialista financiero y de riesgos de varias de las iniciativas privadas de dicha generación, para corredores viales como Bogotá Girardot, Gica, y Neiva Espinal Girardot. Adicionalmente ha participado en otros proyectos emblemáticos en Colombia, como la Recuperación de la Navegabilidad del Río Magdalena, el Corredor Portuario de Barranquilla o las Megaobras de Santiago de Cali. Del programa de quinta generación de concesiones, estructuró los proyectos de la Nueva Malla Vial del Valle del Cauca, el Canal del Dique y la Iniciativa Privada de ALO Sur. Además de haber participado en varias financiaciones tipo Project Finance para privados en proyectos de concesiones, ha estructurado varias financiaciones para entidades públicas de proyectos de infraestructura con clientes como la Electrificadora del Meta, la Agencia Distrital de Infraestructura, la Alcaldía de Barranquilla y el ICCU. Adicionalmente ha estructurado varias financiaciones en mercado de capitales local en Colombia como TMAS-1, TMAS-2 e Ingeurbe-139, así como colocaciones privadas en el mercado americano (USPP).

Es miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Cruz Roja Colombiana (Bogotá y Cundinamarca), de la International Project Finance Association – IPFA (Branch Colombia) y de la constructora de vivienda Prabyc Ingenieros.

Juan M. Martínez Paz

Director Ejecutivo de Alianzas Estratégicas

Es Ingeniero Civil de la Universidad del Cauca y Especialista en Finanzas de la Universidad de los Andes.

En el periodo de 2000 a 2003, ocupó el cargo de Asesor de la Gerencia de Participación Privada en Infraestructura del Departamento Nacional de Planeación – DNP en Colombia, cargo en el cual llevó a cabo la asesoría y estructuración de diversos proyectos de infraestructura bajo esquemas de participación privada para el Gobierno Nacional y la asesoría para el diseño de políticas públicas relacionadas con proyectos de participación privada para infraestructura y transporte público.

Posteriormente en el 2004, ocupó el cargo de Subgerente de Estructuración del Instituto Nacional de Concesiones (antecesor de la Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura – ANI), en el cual fue el encargado de estructurar todos los proyectos de concesiones a cargo de la entidad durante su mandato hasta mayo de 2005.

Finalmente, desde noviembre de 2005 a la fecha se ha desempeñado como Socio Director de BONUS Banca de Inversión, una firma de asesorías financieras enfocada en infraestructura y energía líder en el mercado colombiano. Ha tenido a su cargo la dirección de los proyectos a cargo de la empresa, en áreas como la estructuración de proyectos de vinculación privada de infraestructura, la financiación de concesiones, valoración de activos y peritajes financieros.

Ha participado en estructuraciones y financiaciones de proyectos de infraestructura por más de 20 billones de dólares. Entre sus proyectos más relevantes se encuentran la estructuración del proyecto de APP de Autopistas para la Prosperidad, el proyecto más grande del programa de cuarta generación de concesiones viales colombiano integrado por 8 proyectos independientes, además de varias de las iniciativas privadas de dicha generación, para corredores viales como Bogotá Girardot, Gica, y Neiva Espinal Girardot. Adicionalmente ha participado en otros proyectos emblemáticos en Colombia, como la Recuperación de la Navegabilidad del Río Magdalena, el Corredor Portuario de Barranquilla o las Megaobras de Santiago de Cali. Del programa de quinta generación de concesiones, estructuró los proyectos de la Nueva Malla Vial del Valle del Cauca, el Canal del Dique y la Iniciativa Privada de ALO Sur. Ha participado en la financiación como Project Finance de varios de estos proyectos de infraestructura a lo largo de los años, diseñando esquemas innovadores de financiación y logrando la participación sindicada de bancos nacionales e internacionales, mercados de capitales, bancos de fomento y entidades multilaterales.

Cecilia Jasso

Executive Assistant

Asistente Ejecutiva Bilingüe egresada de la Academia Maddox, cuenta con más de 24 años de experiencia en empresas multinacionales, inició su carrera en Nestlé México en el área de Relaciones Públicas y Mercadotecnia; después ingresó al reconocido Bufete Jurídico “Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C.” especializado en operaciones de negocio internacionales; posteriormente formó parte de McKinsey & Company, Inc. como Asistente Ejecutiva (AE) de Socio Senior, posteriormente se incorporó a Grupo Televisa como Asistente Ejecutiva del Vicepresidente Corporativo de Telecomunicaciones.

Alfonso Gutiérrez Díaz


Estudiante de Ingeniería Industrial en la Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA).

Inició su carrera profesional en el 2018 en el sector logístico.

Posteriormente, en el 2019, se unió al área de planeación y análisis financiero en una arrendadora. Participó activamente en la valuación de la cartera.

Lisbeth Calixto Calderón

Gerente Administrativo

Contador Público con ad gradum en dirección financiera, con una especialidad en gestión del capital humano y maestría en administración de proyectos, egresada de la Universidad Panamericana, cuenta con más de 12 años de experiencia realizando actividades de supervisión e integración de presupuestos, adecuado manejo de controles internos, manejo integral de estados financieros y proyecciones financieras.

Amplio conocimiento en el sector financiero (fondos de inversión) dentro del sector de energía. Dentro de Balam Fund, fondo de capital privado de inversión de energía renovable, desarrolló tareas dirigidas a la gestión de la empresa, como proponer mecanismos de control para su mejora, optimizó los procesos internos, supervisó la implementación y evaluación de protocolos y políticas internas e incluso facilitó a la Dirección el trabajo de estrategia corporativa.

Trabajó en RLH Properties, empresa dedicada al sector real state, realizando consolidaciones de estados financieros y presentando reportes regulatorios a la BMV, dando un valor agregado a la compañía, conociendo el ambiente bursátil de dicho reporteo. Brindó información contable y financiera oportuna, que mostraba los resultados de la compañía, la cual tenía como misión servir de base para la toma de decisiones en relación a la distribución de los recursos financieros.

Durante el paso por GBM, realizó análisis y control de gastos y costos, contabilidad analítica con el fin de optimizar los recursos de la empresa. Implementó un control interno eficiente dentro de las áreas operativas, para ejercer la salvaguarda y vigilancia sobre los activos de la empresa, evitando los errores y fraudes.

Mauricio Azoños Beverido

ESG Manager and Associate

Mauricio is an economist from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, with a Master's Degree in Administration from IE Business School.

His career began in 2011 at Petróleos Mexicanos’ treasury department where he was part of the team responsible for managing the portfolio's debts and derivatives.

In 2013, he joined the Structured Public Finance team at HR Ratings where he participated in debt restructurings for the State of Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, and others.

Subsequently, in 2015, he began to analyze structured debt instruments backed by infrastructure assets. Among the projects he participated in were the rating of the first securitization of a wind farm (Piedra Larga I) located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec with an installed capacity of 90MW, as well as securitizations and structured credits linked to toll road concessions such as the Monterrey - Saltillo highway, the San Luis Potosi beltway, and several others. Mauricio was also responsible for the creation and development of a methodology for the evaluation of green bonds.

Diego Peralta Castillo

Senior Associate

Diego is an Industrial Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

He began his career in 2010 at Grupo Bimbo in Global Procurement, responsible for identifying strategic suppliers to standardize costs, in addition to identifying supply chain efficiency improvements to standardize processes.

In 2011, he joined GBM as an analyst in the Analysis practice, covering the Retail and Airport sectors. Subsequently, he moved to Private Banking where he did analysis and monitoring of companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and structured investment portfolios for clients, as well as identifying investment opportunities. He also supported the implementation of indicators and reports to evaluate the performance of bankers. In 2012, he joined the GBM’s CKD, a private equity infrastructure fund focused on energy, communications and transportation, and water, where he participated in the investment of the Tres Mesas Wind Farm (Phase I and II) with an installed capacity of 148.5 MW which involved a total investment of US $350 million, in a private process for the purchase of an Integral Transportation System (BRT), the Telepeaje Bidding, an unsolicited proposal to the SEP, among others. His main activities included economic and financial analysis, risk identification, participation and involvement in due diligence, and project structuring.

Mariana Martínez

Gerente de Relación con Inversionistas y Asociada Legal

Abogada egresada de la Universidad de Monterrey en 2013; cuenta con una maestría en Derecho Internacional de los Negocios de la Universidad Católica de Lyon.

Inicio su carrera profesional trabajando en temas de derecho corporativo e inmobiliario en despachos reconocidos como Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa, S.C. (ahora Hogan Lovells) y Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C. También tiene experiencia trabajando en fondos de inversión (FIBRA y CKD) en la adquisición, desarrollo, operación y administración de portafolios de propiedades industriales y comerciales.

Teresa Gallegos

Directora de Legal y de Cumplimiento

Abogada con mención honorífica del Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, maestría en Derecho en Comercio Internacional por la Universidad de Arizona y especialidad en Derecho Administrativo cursado en la Universidad Panamericana. Cuenta con amplia experiencia en Derecho Público y Privado, principalmente en la práctica corporativa internacional en energía y telecomunicaciones.

En el sector privado, inició su práctica corporativa en despachos reconocidos internacionalmente como Baker & McKenzie y EC Legal Rubio Villegas. Su experiencia la desarrolló posteriormente como coordinadora jurídica para las empresas distribuidoras de gas natural en México subsidiarias de Sempra Energy; en el puesto de gerente legal en América Móvil, donde fungió como enlace de la secretaría corporativa del grupo en Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos y Europa, y en la revisión de Contratos intercompañías internacionales con proveedores de servicios e infraestructura de telecomunicaciones.

En el sector público ha ocupado diversos cargos gerenciales y directivos en Presidencia de la República, como enlace administrativo de la Coordinación de Gabinetes y Proyectos Especiales; en Pemex Gas y Petroquímica Básica, como asesor en la Subdirección de Gas Natural; y, en la Comisión Federal de Electricidad, donde fue responsable de implementar las mejores prácticas comerciales, administrar el Título de Concesión y elaborar los modelos de Contrato para la prestación de servicios de Telecomunicaciones en la Coordinación de CFE Telecom.

En los últimos dos años y medio, formó parte del equipo de la Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos como Directora General de Contratos, brindando asesoría y apoyo legal en la implementación de los Contratos de la Ronda 1, principalmente en la etapa de transición de arranque; asimismo, ocupó el cargo de Directora General de Contratos Petroleros en la Secretaría de Energía, teniendo bajo su cargo el diseño de los Contratos para la Exploración y Extracción de Hidrocarburos; la coordinación intergubernamental con la Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos, la Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, la Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica, la Agencia de Seguridad, Energía y Ambiente y con, la empresa productiva del Estado subsidiaria de Petróleos Mexicanos, Pemex Exploración y Producción, para elaborar la documentación legal de las convocatorias de las Rondas previo a su publicación por la Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos; así mismo, estuvo a cargo de los procedimientos de Farm-Outs y migraciones de las Asignaciones de PEMEX a un Contrato para la Exploración y Extracción de Hidrocarburos.  En representación de la Secretaría de Energía, fue designada como Consejera Suplente en el Consejo de Administración de Pemex Exploración y Producción y en la Asamblea General de Accionistas de PMI Comercio Internacional, S.A. de C.V.

Andrés Castillo Arce

Executive Director of Analysis

Andrés holds a degree in Physics Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Operations Research and a Master’s in Business Administration, both from Cornell University, classes of 2007 and 2008, respectively.

He has over 10 years of experience as a consultant in firms such as Oliver Wyman, McKinsey & Company, and more recently at Schlumberger Business Consulting. As a consultant, he mainly worked on projects related to capital efficiency, project planning, operational efficiency, maintenance, and organization, both upstream and downstream in the oil & gas industry. He also has experience in the transportation sector, where he carried out projects for airlines and parcel delivery.

Andrés’ clients have included national oil companies, the majors, service sector companies, and government agencies, throughout the Americas.

Tessy Rivera Cervera

Chief Financial Officer

Tessy is a partner at AINDA, where she serves as Chief Financial Officer and has been on the Investment Committee since 2020. She holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.

Tessy has over 15 years of experience, primarily in the Mexican infrastructure and energy sectors. Her experience includes transactions related to the structuring of projects both with private equity and in the public markets, asset sales and acquisitions (M&A), project financing and refinancing, feasibility analysis, and developing business plans for projects in the sector.

Prior to joining AINDA, Tessy worked at the boutique investment banking firm, Evercore Partners México, in the Energy and Project Finance area where she began as an associate and became a vice president and ultimately Managing Director and head of her area. Her leadership on projects such as the structuring and execution of the first issuance of CFE's Fibra-E for over US $700 million, was the first instrument of this category focused on the electricity sector and the Mexican government’s first equity vehicle listed on the stock exchange. She is also credited with several M&As and financing transactions in the electricity sector for over 1,000 MW of private renewable, thermal, and cogeneration technologies. For example, the structuring and financing of the largest wind generation project in Mexico at the time, for ~US$650 million, and the restructuring and refinancing of two private thermal generation plants for ~US$500 million. She also participated in projects in the hydrocarbons sector such as the development of the strategy for a client in the sector for a hydrocarbon exploration and production bidding process for the first private oil round in Mexico, where the client was awarded a contract with an estimated investment of over US$1 billion, the conversion of four oil services contracts to exploration and production contracts, and the financial structuring of an oil terminal. Additionally, she carried out several economic feasibility analyses, valuations, and business plans for infrastructure and energy projects in Mexico representing investments of over US $3 billion.

Previously, Tessy worked at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a Senior Consultant, where she participated in the development of business strategies for companies in the financial and healthcare sectors in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Tessy began her career at Accenture as an analyst where she implemented Customer Relationship Management and sourcing strategies for the largest bread company in Latin America. She oversaw a 10% increase in sales revenue and a 20% reduction in raw material costs.